April 17, 2017

Capabilities that Differentiate ACTnowHPC

What makes our cloud HPC solution the best choice for your HPC workloads?

It’s a question we get often. Here’s the fast answer.

Advanced Clustering Technologies understands there are other options in the cloud out there, but most are not really designed for high performance computing, for several reasons. Here are some of the cloud HPC capabilities that make ACTnowHPC different:

  • Others use virtualized nodes; we use bare metal hardware
  • With us, your jobs won’t run on virtualized machines
  • We offer Infiniband interconnects
  • With us, you don’t have to install and configure the operating system, MPI libraries, schedulers, compilers, etc. We have done that already so that you are up and running so much quicker.
  • Advanced Clustering staff will preinstall apps if provided to us.

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